April 7, 2020


Today I will be meeting with any Andover 5th Graders who are available at 10am. Today’s meeting will be conducted through the OCPS BBB ( Big Blue Button) , which is available on your student Launchpad.  Log on and go to your Gifted Class and then to “Conferences”.
Yes- this is an experiment! Lets see if it works! 🙂 
Hope to see you all there…..


April 6, 2020

Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of moving over to the Gifted Canvas Course, so I hope you have all had a chance to log onto Launchpad and check it out.

Be sure to read the Discussions section and to post your response.


April 3, 2020

Happy Friday!  And congratulations on completing week one of Distance Learning!  I know it has been a crazy week as you worked to get up to speed on all of your teachers’ expectations ad navigating the launchpad site with all of the canvas classes.  Hopefully you are all feeling a little more competent than you felt on Monday. Remember…One Day At A Time!!!!

Our Gifted Canvas Course is now set up and it has “Gone Live”- which means you should be able to see it and explore it.  Take some time to see what is there, to read my message, and let me know if you have any questions.

Have a great weekend-


Mrs. Lindquist

April 2, 2020

Happy Thursday to all of our Gifted students.

It was awesome to have a ZOOM video conference today with all of the 4th Graders. Loved seeing Tajuan, Landon, Jacob, Joshua, Ariana, Isabella L, Ray, Christina, Lizzy, Joana, Juan, Rainier, Milena, and Isabella W.  We missed Gabriele, Rajab, Sophia, and Saneha, but hopefully they can join next time.

We talked about all of the projects and activities that we will continue to work on and the STEM Challenge seemed to draw a lot of interest.  Christopher even shared that he and his family had made a full sized water slide for their pool last week.  As soon as I figure out how to upload the video he sent me I will!


In the meantime…start planning!!



April 1, 2020

Happy Wednesday Everyone! It is hard to believe it is April 1st already!

Today’s ZOOM Video Conference was with our 1st and 2nd graders and we had a big group! Maya, Eleanor, Aryn, Elaina, Joseph K, Mason, Elizabeth, Daniel, Connor, Calli, Benson, Brayden, and Catalina were all able to join us. We missed Joseph L, Angelina, Evan, Luis, Jaxson, and Julia, but we hope they can join us next time.

Students seemed excited about the idea of researching anything they wanted.  I am looking forward to seeing your finished projects when you are done.  Be sure to email them to me when done so I can share them here for everyone to see.

I know that some of you seemed super excited about the STEM Challenge, so be sure to check out the page with the details and guidelines.

I am looking forward to getting some student blog posts as well.

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!

I miss you all-


Mrs. Lindquist



March 31, 2020

Good Morning Everyone-

Had another great ZOOM Video Conference meeting this morning- this time with the 5th Grade Group.  I was fabulous to see Ethan, Thomas, Jescelly, Jose, Angelise, Aniya, Hannah, Lyla, and Abby.  We missed Madison and Liam but we are hoping they can join us next week.  The group decided that they want to plan to meet each week at that time to keep in touch. 🙂

We also talked about ways to keep going with our projects and collaboration.

Hannah is the first to email a finished project and I have attached it here. It is about Blobfish.  I learned something new when I watched the Power Point. Take a look at her work and let us know what you think! (Personally I think that it one of the ugliest fish I have ever seen! )


Blobfish PowerPoint

March 30, 2020

Hi Everyone- still Mrs. Lindquist here….

Wow!  Just finished our first class ZOOM Video Conference with the third grade group and it was fabulous!  Loved seeing everyone!  Thanks Yara, Vanessa, Bryson, Sofia, Aaron, Ella, Carter, Madeleine, Abigail, Liliana, Dylan, and Andrea for being part of the conference.  We missed Isaac and Evelina!  Maybe next time.

Everyone had lots of questions about the STEM Challenge, so I am excited to see what you all come up with. (Check out the STEM Challenge page for details and guidelines and ideas).

Everyone also seemed excited about being able to research whatever they wanted, so I am eager to see what topics you all chose.

Remember the steps to the research process:

  • Choose a topic
  • Create Questions to guide your inquiry
  • Research- use a variety of authoritative resources.
  • Take notes
  • Create a power point to share what you have learned.
  • Send it to Mrs. Lindquist so she can post it so everyone can see your project.

Have a great Monday!!!


March 28, 2020

Happy Saturday to all the Andover Gifted Stars out there!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

As OCPS and Andover get ready to officially start Distance Learning on Monday, I wanted to reach out and clarify a few things.

There is a ZOOM Video Conference scheduled for each of the Gifted Classes for next week.  The schedule will be:

Monday March 30th at 10 am- 3rd Graders

Tuesday March 31st at 10am- 5th Graders

Wednesday April 1st at 10am- 1st/2nd Graders

Thursday April 2nd at 10am- 4th Graders

Your parents should have gotten an email with the code to sign in to the meeting.  If they did not, please have them reach out to me through email and I will resend it.


The ZOOM web site is:


In case they want to log in early and make sure that your video and audio is working.

Each day, I will also have “office hours”, which will allow me to chat with you ( and your parents) in real time, to clarify and help with anything.  From 10am to 1pm everyday I will be logged onto our Class Web site, as well as my email, and the OCPS Canvas Launchpad. These will be ways you can reach out with questions or for anything you might need help with.  Your parents also have my cell phone number, so texts are also acceptable.

I am excited about this new adventure we are embarking on and I will see you all this week in ZOOM!!!!!!


March 26, 2020

Hi Gang-  It is me, Mrs. Lindquist again. Hope you are having a great Thursday!

I know that we have lots of animal lovers in our group, so I wanted to share a cool resource with you all.

Even though the Central Florida Zoo is now closed due to Covid 19, they are doing live broadcasts everyday at 2pm  from the zoo. Each day they do it from a different animal’s pen. They teach us a little about the animal, and then you can type in questions and they will answer them on the spot.  It is on the Central Florida Zoo’s facebook page- link below- and only lasts about 10-15 minutes.



Enjoy and tell me if you are able to see any of them.

March 25, 2020

Hi there! it’s me, Abby!
As you can see, we don’t have school for another few weeks so we all have plenty of time to read! ebooks (amazon kindle edition) is offering free books to read over the next few weeks.you should check it out! So, we have been all worried about covid-19 so I thought I’ll help you out! here is a link to find tips and tricks to fight this virus and protect yourself: https://www.cdc.gov
as I said earlier we all have plenty of time to read, currently, I finished harry potter and the half-blood prince. what are you reading right now? let me know and I will consider reading it.
Anyways, there is an event world wildlife is doing and they want everyone at 8:30 pm to turn off their lights and by doing this you will show your support for a healthy planet! the event will take place on Saturday, March 28, 2020, at 8:30 pm. get more info at: worldwildlife.org/eh. Also, please spread the word! Tell your family and friends, your aunts and uncles, or maybe place posters around your neighborhood or make a persuasive essay! Anything helps! Let me know in the comments how will you spread the word
Well, that’s all for now! Stay safe and healthy! Abby in and out!😄